“Searching For The Edge”: A 15 Chapter Story On Effective Trading

Deep Space Star System

We’re proud to announce that we’ll start releasing “Searching For The Edge”, a 15 chapter story on effective trading, to all subscribers next month. On December 1st, 2023, we’ll release chapter 1 of the story, which will be followed by an additional chapter every 2 weeks until we hit 15 chapters. 

“Searching For The Edge” will encompass all  the factors involved when investing or trading in financial markets and it will seek to identify an edge in every chapter. There will be ups, downs, trials and tribulations in every story as we utilize real life experiences and theory to gain an advantage in public markets. The series will highlight observations in stock, option, commodity, and currency markets and how we traded certain macroeconomic landscapes to outperform mainstream indexes. This book, and/or collection of stories on financial markets, will serve as one of the opuses from Banting Court Capital that will be released over the next 12 months.   

The series will  be available to premium subscribers only, please see here. Whether you’re a value investor, momentum/swing trader, hedger, or thematic trader, “Searching For The Edge” will certainly cover part of your trading experience. We know that this series will help novice, intermediate, and advanced traders understand the “current” market  environment and how to navigate premium and readily available market information.

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