The FTC’s Commitment To Slow Down Capitalism

The FTC’s Commitment To Slow Down Capitalism

In 2017, Lina wrote a paper in law school arguing for the breakup of the Amazon, claiming that the company was violating antitrust laws. This one might be personal.

The S&P 500 Tumbles 4.6% in September


The One Month of The Year Where Fed Days Average Out To Be Market Declines


The Giants of Consumer Spending, Gen Z and Millennials, Are Set To Fall Off

Instacart: Nothing Like Uber

Instacart: Nothing Like Uber

Instacart also helps the shoppers become more efficient by providing them with proper in store routing when shopping. The company achieves this by organizing customer shopping lists and utilizing its database of in-store item location data (ISILD).

One of Many Outlooks For Interest Rates

One of Many Outlooks For Interest Rates

Inflation has been trending lower throughout 2023 but the strong jobs market, and consumer spending, has made the Fed somewhat hawkish. Nevertheless the S&P 500 has posted gains of 16% YTD, most of which was initially fueled by the expectation of a interest rate cut in 2023.

A Deep Dive on Silver Prices (Unique Correlation)

Silver has a number of industrial uses which has lead to more than 70% of all mined silver to be...

AMC Commits The Sin of Reverse Split

Typically, reverse splits are not perceived well by market participants. The split indicates that the company's stock price has hit...

Stock Market Margin Debt Continues To Climb Higher In 2023

The stock market and margin debt certainly have a decent correlation, rising margin debt is usually associated with a rising...

How To Research A Stock

Stock research is an integral part of investing, some information is free while other sources of information require payment. This...

3 Intermediate Options Strategies

Derivatives are an important part of financial markets as they can help reduce the risk and/or enhance the return of...

The Inverse Cramer Index/ETF

Jim Cramer is often wrong on his many stock recommendations that he delivers on television which is what makes the...

Timing The Market Is Easy, Just Follow the Yield Curve

There’s always someone saying “you can’t time the stock market” but the market has been timed many times by industry...

3 Questions To Help You Value A Cryptocurrency

In our research, we have found that asking 3 simple questions can help identify which cryptocurrencies may have underlying value...

Tracking Short Volume To Anticipate A Short Squeeze

There is one website (that we have used before) that can help anticipate when a short squeeze might occur, some...

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AI is a machine’s ability to perform the cognitive functions we associate with human minds, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, interacting with an environment, problem solving, and even exercising creativity. You’ve probably interacted with AI even if you didn’t realize it—voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are founded on AI technology, as are some customer service chatbots that pop up to help you navigate websites. - McKinsey & Company

In the last 20 days, have you used AI technology to solve an everyday problem?

1987 Trader Documentary Video: Paul Tudor Jones Ulysses

1987 Trader Documentary Video: Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones is undoubtedly one of the best hedge fund managers of all time. He rose to fame in 1987 as he returned 125.9% anticipating the major market crash which earned him approx. $100 million.





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